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The Spy Next Door: Navid Khonsari

Navid KhonsariNavid KhonsariNavid Khonsari is taking more than just a professional risk with his new game. Years after leaving Rockstar Games, where he worked as a director on multiple shoot-‘em-up titles in the Grand Theft Auto and Max Payne series, Khonsari is aiming to bring players closer to real-life action.

Beyond the Game: Narrative Design Director Leah Hoyer

The video game equivalent to six seasons and a movie is a broad game franchise, mobile spin-offs, physical books, and some sweet swag. With the high cost of AAA production, it pays for development and publishing houses to invest in transmedia projects that take the game lore off the screen and into the hands of fans who aren’t hardcore gamers. Thinking about how to expand a game franchise off the screen is part of Leah Hoyer’s job.

The Girl On Fire: Executive Story Editor Jamie Pachino

Credit: Maia Rosenfeld PhotographyCredit: Maia Rosenfeld PhotographyMandrake: \ˈman-ˌdrāk\ A plant in the nightshade family that allegedly has roots that resemble human form.

Personal Approach: Rostrum Record's Eric Henry

Among the major music labels, Rostrum Records and the six artists they represent are a small blip on the radar. But despite the Pittsburgh label’s size, it’s influence is palpable. Rostrum was the first label to offer Wiz Khalifa an album deal, and Rostrum currently holds the record for having the first independently distributed debut album top the Billboard charts since 1995 with Mac Miller’s Blue Slide Park album in 2011.

Sharper Image: Photographer Chase Jarvis

Credit: Mitch MoquinCredit: Mitch MoquinIn 1994, amateur photographer Chase Jarvis licensed his first image for $500 and a pair of skis. Two decades later, his images sell for up to $50,000 a pop, he’s won photo awards by the boatload, he’s authored three books and an app, and shoots for clients like REI, Red Bull, Apple, Polaroid, Starbucks, and Nike.

Pop Life: Artist Manager Jami Stigliano

Neon Hitch, "Yard Sale"Neon Hitch, “Yard Sale”“I’ve always proudly said that I’m a pop girl; I grew up obsessed with pop brands, meaning Madonna, Michael Jackson, New Kids On The Block, [and] Debbie Gibson,” says the Waco, Texas native. “Musically, that’s the music I loved.”

Characters Welcome: Jill Murray on Narrative Design in 'Assassin's Creed'

It started with a confiscated passport. While researching her upcoming novel—a story about rival coffee traders on a mission through Ethiopia—Canadian author Jill Murray took a research trip to the African country. It didn’t go quite as planned.

Kid Tested: Dr. Alison Bryant

Kids’ tastes change radically in the blink of an eye, which is what keeps Dr. Alison Bryant coming to work everyday. Bryant is the founder and president of PlayCollective, a strategy, research, and design firm that helps organizations understand how to engage their target audience with entertainment and education products. While adults can simply be asked about their feelings on a specific product, discerning whether children will connect is a tougher challenge.

Write Now: Narrative Designer Chris Avellone

No experience? No money? No industry connections? Don’t sweat it, says Obsidian Entertainment creative director Chris Avellone. If you want to make games or break into the gaming field as a writer, get started right now. No excuses.

Warped Drive: Kevin Lyman

Credit: Chad SengstockCredit: Chad SengstockSixty cities, 129 bands, more than a half-million fans, most of them under age. Keeping them all happy is a hell of a feat, but it’s what brings Kevin Lyman to work everyday. Creating the then-grassroots festival two decades ago with the help of a few music promoter friends, Lyman’s baby has grown into a force in the punk and hard rock scene, a presence that has overflowed into fashion and charitable initiatives.