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2K Australia and Gearbox Software Head to Pandora's Moon for New 'Borderlands'

2K and Gearbox today announced the development of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. The new standalone game bridges the gap between Borderlands and Borderlands 2 and will launch this fall on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Windows PC.

EA and Waystone Games Open Community Beta for 'Dawngate'

Electronic Arts and Waystone Games announced a community beta for Dawngate, a multiplayer online battle arena game.

Universal Working on 'Battlestar Galactica' Feature Film

Variety reports that Universal is looking to develop Battlestar Galactica as a feature film.

According to Variety, Jack Paglen (Transcendence) will write the screenplay, which is described as “a complete reimagining of the story.” Sorry for stabbing your dreams of Katee Sackhoff returning as Starbuck with the crew of the Galactica. But if you are a fan of the original series, here’s some good news: series creator Glen Larson is producing the film.

Xbox Entertainment Developing 'Humans' Series for 2015

Xbox Entertainment and U.K. broadcaster Channel 4 announced today a partnership to develop an 8-episode drama series penned by Spooks writers Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley. Humans will be an English-language adaptation of the 2012 Swedish series Real Humans.

Syfy Announces 'Olympus' Mythology Drama Series

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DOMINION -- Pictured: (l-r) Christopher Egan as Alex Lannen, Alan Dale as Rysen, Anthony Stewart Head, Roxanne McKee as Claire Rysen -- (Photo by: Ilze Kitshoff/Syfy)DOMINION — Pictured: (l-r) Christopher Egan as Alex Lannen, Alan Dale as Rysen, Anthony Stewart Head, Roxanne McKee as Claire Rysen — (Photo by: Ilze Kitshoff/Syfy)Syfy announced in a press release today that it has picked up a new mythology drama series. The 13 one-hour episodes will premier in 2015, written and directed by Nick Willing, writer of the Syfy miniseries Tin Man, Alice, and Neverland.

James Bond is Better With Light Sabers

The only thing missing from 007’s arsenal of weapons and spy gadgets was the most elegant and sophisticated weapon in the universe. Three days of frame-by-frame rotoscoping put a light saber in the hands of Pierce Brosnan in this sword fight from James Bond: Die Another Day.

The Square Enix Collective Opens to Developers After Pilot Phase

Square Enix has announced the first team to emerge from the pilot phase of its Collective initiative. Montreal-based developer Tuque Games will begin a crowd funding campaign for World War Machine, a post-human RPG in which the player takes the form of, well, a death machine.

Creative Assembly Releases New 'Alien: Isolation' Dev Diary

The shadow of Aliens: Colonial Marines still hangs in the minds of players, but Creative Assembly is undaunted by the disenchanted masses. Alien: Isolation is shaping up to be the franchise game fans have begged for: a tense, terrifying survival horror experience that is true to the source material.

World of 'Skyrim' Gets the 'Game of Thrones' Treatment

Game of Thrones has one of the most impressive intro sequences on television, thanks to Angus Wall and the team at Elastic. Now freelance motion graphics artist and animator Brady Wold has appropriated the Leonardo da Vinci machine style for the Skyrim universe.

Rockstar Announces Spring Updates for 'Grand Theft Auto Online'

In a press release today, Rockstar detailed several updates to GTA Online. Starting next week, players can customize original Capture Jobs in the Creator community. New additions include placing pick-ups, defining weaponry, setting locations, and the ability to adjust other variables. The best user-generated creations will get the Rockstar Verified stamp of approval.