Aerial Photographer Snaps Shot of Millennium Falcon

The first shot of the Millennium Falcon under constrcution on set of Star Wars Episode VII

Matthew Myatt was cruising the skies over Greenham Common near Newbury, Berkshire, England, snapping stock photo shots for the Airborne Aviation flying school on Tuesday, when he happened upon something unusual. As Myatt explained to Sky News, it wasn’t until he reviewed his photos at home that he realized what he had—the Millennium Falcon.

The photo captured a partially constructed Millennium Falcon, with an X-Wing also visible:

Millennium Falcon

Myatt told Sky News, “I grew up with Star Wars but this is something I never thought I’d see in real life. It was a real shocker.”

He also said he plans to return to the area to gather more intel on the Rebel operations from the Star Wars staging ground.

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