'Fargo' to Return to FX for Second Season

FX renews Fargo from writer and executive producer Noah Hawley.

As expected, FX announced today at a Television Critics Association presentation that Fargo will be back for a second season. The TV adaptation of Joel and Ethan Coen’s Oscar-winning film earned 18 Emmy nominations this year, the most for any FX series. Season 2 will depart from Bemidji to tell a new “true crime” story with a fresh cast of characters, similar to strategies employed American Horror Story and the upcoming second season of True Detective

“We could not be more proud of Fargo,” said the CEO of FX Networks & FX Productions, John Landgraf. “Noah’s audacious, bordering on hubristic riff on my favorite Coen brothers film earned 18 Emmy nominations—the most for a single program in our history. Fargo was nothing short of breathtaking and we look forward to the next installment.”

In a previous interview with Get In Media, writer and executive producer Noah Hawley talked about the quandary of adapting a film while eliminating the original characters. “In the case of stripping all the characters out of the movie and still calling it Fargo, it really became about telling stories in this universe, in this sort of frozen tundra, a particular type of true crimes story that isn’t true. So, basically, there were no limits for me.”

Click here to read the full interview with Hawley on the making of Fargo. And check out his advice to writers for making the leap from novelist to screenwriter. 

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