ATX TV Festival Opening Night - June 7, 2013

The ATX TV Festival kicked off in Austin last night. Get In Media was there to cover the opening night festivities. Alia Shawkat also hinted at the future of Arrested Development


Alia Shawkat and Mae Whitman of "Arrested Development"Alia Shawkat and Mae Whitman of “Arrested Development”With a red carpet kickoff, a screening of a few new episodes of Arrested Development, and a Q&A with show stars Alia Shawkat and Mae Whitman, the ATX Television Festival is now officially underway. Huzzah! Last night, TV nerds escaped the Texas heat by watching casts of seminal shows like Friday Night Lights and Boy Meets World reunite along with appearances from celebs ranging from New Girl’s Lemorne Morris to Party of Five’s Lacey Chabert (also known as Gretchen Wieners from Mean Girls).

Celebs aside, most were there to geek out over one thing—the return of Arrested Development (thank you Netflix!) and to get some answers about what rebooting the plot-heavy series entailed. To keep the surprise at a maximum, show creator Mitchell Hurwitz shot all 15 episodes of the new series simultaneously and would wait until the last minute to send actors their scripts.

We would get the sides like the night before and I would be like stressed out reading them, trying to memorize,” said Mae Whitman who plays Ann Veal on Arrested Development and Amber Holt on Parenthood. “I was terrified that I was going to mess up lines, but it was fun because it kept it really fresh.”

Alia Shawkat who plays Maeby Funke on the series also revealed that producers might have a plan for the show beyond new Netflix episodes.

We just did a lot of press and I overheard from Jason [Bateman] that I guess it’s supposed to be this three-act saga or something,” she said. “The first is [the current series reboot]. The second act is like a movie and the third act; we just die on camera or something. [laughs] I don’t know. I think that’s the goal. There’s nothing definite or in the works.”

The ATX Television Festival continues on Friday with goodies like FOX comedy screenings, an in-depth interview with Oscar-nominated producer Michael Jacobs, and panels that focus on everything from the structure of a sitcom to uncovering what makes a great show soundtrack. Stay tuned to our ATX TV Fest blog and our Twitter updates for what’s going down in Austin. For all the photos from last night’s red carpet and more throughout the festival, head over to our photo albums on Facebook


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