Project Imaginat10n: Long Live Imagination

Director Ron Howard and Bryce Dallas Howard, along with a panel of judges, will select five winning films submitted by the public to join the celebrity directors' films as part of a "Ron Howard Presentation." The 10 films will screen at the Canon Project Imaginat10n Film Festival, and each winner will be awarded $5,000. 

Growing up with a father who is as famous for being a child actor as he is as an award-winning producer and director certainly gave Bryce Dallas Howard a peek into Hollywood. While Ron Howard was a great role model, it actually wasn’t until his daughter participated in his Long Live Imagin8tion Project that she really learned what he could teach her.

“In 2011, I was mentored by my father, Ron Howard, to take part in Project Imagin8ion – a creative experiment where I directed a short film, when you find me, inspired by eight consumer photos,” explains Howard.

This year Bryce Dallas Howard has a chance to help others. She is joining her father at the helm of the  current contest sponsored by Canon, Project Imaginat10n. It is open to all levels of filmmakers, from students to professionals. In similar fashion to the previous competition, entrants will have a chance to create short films based on images within one of the themes. Bryce Dallas and Ron Howard will also help five celebrities make films from photos at the same time. 

Bryce owes a lot of success to not specifically her father, but the project her father started. In 2011, she was one of the winners of the “Long Live Imagination Project,” founded by Ron Howard and sponsored by Canon USA

“The exercise was exhilarating—an absolutely inspired concept and I’m over the moon to work with up and coming directors for this year’s iteration, Project Imaginat10n,” says Howard.

Under her father’s guidance as part of the project, she produced the film when you find me, about two sisters tested by tragedy in their childhood.

This year, the Howards will both be mentoring prospective filmmakers in Project Imaginat10n. Canon is again sponsoring this project, aimed at filmmakers at all levels. “I was a film student too once,” says Howard, “and know what it is like to make movies on a tight budget, tight timeline, and with minimal equipment and resources.”

“This time around, I am working with Canon to launch the Project Imaginat10n Film Contest, inviting consumers to develop and direct their own shorts based on 10 winning photos, one from each storytelling theme, including the one photo my father chose for the ‘Discovery’ theme.”

The challenge will be to select from a pool of 91 winning photos to create a short film inspired by ten photos. The film must fit into one of the themes: Character, Mood, Goal, Backstory, Setting, Obstacle, Relationship, The Unknown, Time and Discovery.  

“My dad is mentoring Eva Longoria, Jamie Foxx, Biz Stone, James Murphy, and Georgina Chapman, who will each direct films based on 10 consumer photos from the Project Imaginat10n Photo Contest.  Eva, Biz, and James have already shot their films, in fact.

“This year’s iteration is setting out to prove my father’s words that ‘we’re all creative’,” continues Howard, “by aligning with a diverse group of industries including TV, film, fashion, music, technology and business to prove that anyone can be a filmmaker.” 

Entries will open mid-August (deadlines differ for each theme) and close in September. Entrants may upload five photos for each theme entered. The photos must be taken by the entrant and may not have been previously published or awarded a prize. 

Contest entrants must be 16 years of age or older and a legal resident of the U.S. Complete contest rules are available on the Long Live Imagination website.

“My father and I will help judge and select the five winning films,” Bryce Dallas Howard explains. “Along with the five celebrity films, the five winning consumer films will become part of ‘A Ron Howard Presentation’ to be showcased at the upcoming Canon Project Imaginat10n Film Festival this fall.” 

Winners will be announced in mid-October after voting by Howard is opened to the public. 

“My hope for the consumer film contest is that young filmmakers will feel empowered by the project to showcase their work and explore their creativity,” says Howard.


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