• Wearable Instruments TH
    Artists and inventors seek to redefine what it means to be a musician. 
  • Game Girl TH
    Despite the misconception that QA testers just play video games all day, the job requires dedication, an eye for detail, and great communication skills. Here’s what you need to know.  
  • Uranium Drive-in TH
    Save yourself the hassle and court fees by following these guidelines before, during, and after filming. 
  • Project Imagination TH
    Director Ron Howard and Bryce Dallas Howard, along with a panel of judges, will select five winning films submitted by the public to join the celebrity directors’ films as part of a “Ron Howard Presentation.” The 10 films will screen at the Canon Project...
  • Pitch Perfect TH
    How to nail your pilot, documentary, or screenplay pitch the first time.  
  • Martin Atkins TH
    More than three decades after joining Johnny Rotten’s post-Sex Pistols group, Public Image Ltd, drummer Martin Atkins rebrands himself as a pedagogue for performers.  
  • Actuality Media TH
    In just over two years, Actuality Media has gone from a budding dream to a thriving production company that has already produced 14 documentaries highlighting altruists around the globe.
  • The Lords of Salem TH
    The King of Creeps battles budgets, a breakneck schedule, and bogus production notes to bring his latest horror film to the silver screen. Get In Media writer Christina Couch sat down at a round-table press panel with Rob Zombie at SXSW.   
  • Defiance thumbnail
    In a landscape of endless sequels and reboots, Syfy teams up with Trion Worlds to take both television and gaming beyond the boundaries.   
  • SXSW
    If you get two minutes of face time with the mentor or industry pioneer of your dreams, don’t screw it up by committing a festival faux pas. There is an etiquette to chance encounters. How you approach networking opportunities says a lot about your personality and...
  • 2012 Game Career Outlook
    Deciding on a career in games can be as financially as creatively rewarding, if you choose the right path that supports your talents and ambitions. Consult the chart below to find out who’s being paid what in the gaming industry and plan for your future.
  • How to Land Your First TV Writing Job
    It may seem impossible to an avid TV fan, but if you want to travel through the tube and get to the other side as a staff writer on your favorite shows, you need to watch more television. Follow the advice in this TV writing guide to give your spec scripts a fighting ...
  • Firefly Music Festival
    Red Frog Events is better known for its footraces than its festivals, but that could change after Firefly Music Festival, the company’s first foray into major music events, featuring headliners Jack White, The Killers, and OK Go. Find out how they pulled it off.
  • Music Careers Chart
    Producing an album is essentially a four-step process: recording, editing, mixing, and mastering. In this interactive chart, we break down each step and show you the careers involved in the production and post-production of an album.
  • Both on-screen and behind-the-scenes TV talent convened in Austin, Tex., to discuss what makes shows successful. We picked out the best advice that screenwriters shared to help you transform your script or show idea from spec to production.