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You’ve got to start somewhere. For a career in entertainment industry marketing, the first step is as a marketing assistant. These positions exist across every facet of the business, from film and television studios to record labels, game studios, and live event producers.


The primary task of the marketing assistant is to support the marketing manager. Specific functions will vary depending on the company and industry, but may include updating contact databases, conducting research on competitors’ strategies, and scrubbing mailing lists. You can also anticipate being asked to perform clerical tasks like scheduling travel arrangements, fielding phone calls, and proofing PowerPoint presentation slides. In most cases this person will be given a very clearly defined job description with a detailed list of daily, weekly, and monthly responsibilities. Web marketing is now a necessary component of any ad campaign; marketing assistants may be tasked with updating blogs and Twitter feeds or uploading copy to the company site.

Skills & Education

This position requires at least a high school diploma, but a college education is preferred. A prized marketing assistant will have a firm understanding of marketing strategies and be capable of offering innovative solutions. A bachelor’s degree in marketing, mass communications, advertising, or a related area is helpful. Flexibility is your best asset; you should be proficient with Word and Excel, as well as have some Photoshop and web development skills. Fast fingers are a must; if you don’t know it yet, time your typing speed and get it up to at least 50 words per minute—accuracy counts.

What to Expect

The core of this job is helping the department run efficiently by supplying accurate and timely information to supervisors and being proactive in completing tasks—so prepare yourself for spreadsheet overload. If you’re the type who goes glassy-eyed at the sight of 25 columns of numbers and formulas, then perhaps this isn’t the career for you. Conversely, if data comparison, lead generation, and click-through rates call forth a giddy sensation, you’re born to work in marketing. Successful assistants can pursue advancement as a marketing representative, or seek specific training to move over to internet marketing or advertising.


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