Post-Production Coordinator

  • Post-Production Coordinator

As in principal photography, post-production of a film or television show combines the efforts of numerous artistic and technical departments. While it is the director’s role to oversee the creative completion of the project, the post-production coordinator acts as a logistical watchdog, ensuring each facet is operating efficiently toward completion.


The post-production coordinator is responsible to the post-production supervisor and participates in logistical oversight of a film or television show’s completion through the post process, facilitating the smooth operation of all departments and vendors on the project. A primary concern for the post-production coordinator is scheduling; he or she is charged with booking sessions for ADR, Foley, sound mixing, and picture editing, among others. The coordinator is involved in the preparation of day player (talent hired for one-day recording sessions) contracts and crew deal memos, as well as travel arrangements, lodging, and the distribution of crew lists. When post-production is wrapped, this person must organize project delivery documents for the producer and oversee the proper storage of picture and audio masters.

Skills & Education

An education in film and television production is beneficial to this career, as it provides a solid grasp of the entire production process. Additional coursework in entertainment business is also useful in understanding contract preparation, project accounting, and the numerous administrative concerns of a film or television show. Most of all, this role demands an individual that is highly organized, diligent, and able to see the big picture while maintaining a solid grasp of the smaller details.

What to Expect

Though this position serves a managerial function, in the sphere of film and television producing careers, the post-production coordinator is considered a junior-level role. Previous employment as a post-production assistant or in an administrative capacity with a post-production studio is a valuable training ground where you can network and build your credentials. Experience in editing or sound mixing is not a requirement of this career. Post-production coordinators are eligible for membership in the Producers Guild of America.

On the job, you should be prepared for a hectic pace under strict deadlines; part of the coordinator’s function is to keep the numerous departments involved in the post process on schedule and working efficiently toward completion. To that end, you are expected to handle minor emergencies with grace and to quickly deliver creative solutions to complicated problems.


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