Production Coordinator

  • Production Coordinator

The production coordinator works within a record label and contributes to the creation of art and written copy assets for packaging, promotional materials, and other consumer-targeted products. This person is the chief point of contact in monitoring the completion of these assets and assists senior-level managers within multiple departments.


Exact responsibilities of the production coordinator may vary by company, but essential duties include coordinating album packaging, cover design, jacket layout, and other components related to the production of CDs. The coordinator will work closely with the label copy coordinator in the completion of packaging materials. Collaborating with numerous departments, the coordinator oversees packaging from the design phase, through to manufacturing, printing, and quality control of the finished item. For all merchandise related to label artists and the company brand, this person will communicate with marketing and promotions departments to develop art assets for T-shirts, posters, and similar materials. Work may include the use of software such as Photoshop and Illustrator in the layout of graphic art. Likewise, he or she will participate in the design and production of promotional items for festivals and concert tours. In accomplishing the above tasks, the production coordinator will liaise between designers (both on-staff and freelance), as well as the label bands, A&R department, and merchandise distributors.

Administrative tasks of the production coordinator will include establishing pipeline procedures for the development of creative assets and the publication of those assets to finished products; this includes the development of templates, design documentation, and porting of assets to multiple departments. The production coordinator will maintain a database of information regarding freelance designers, including contact information and rate agreements, as well as preserve an inventory of all art items. Additional responsibilities may be delegated to this person at the discretion of management and may include typical office tasks such as e-mail correspondence, scheduling, and issuing invoices to vendors.

Skills & Education

A college degree in music business, marketing, or advertising is useful to the position of a production coordinator. Addition courses in graphic art and design, communications, and project management are also beneficial. The person in this position should display a proficiency in the use of digital art software such as the Adobe Suite, as well as a command of typical Office applications. Knowledge of database systems and project tracking programs is recommended. A production coordinator must be highly organized and demonstrate excellent written and verbal communication skills when overseeing multiple projects and collaborating with numerous managers. Furthermore, familiarity with the company‚Äôs roster of artists, brand, and target audience culture is necessary.

What to Expect

This is an entry-level position for an individual with prior administrative office experience, such as an internship or other employment. The production coordinator may answer to several members of management, as he or she will support multiple departments. You should anticipate a fast paced atmosphere that requires you to juggle multiple competing priorities with minimal supervision. This job demands that you be flexible and able to adapt to quickly changing circumstances. Those that excel in this type of position are highly motivated and thrive under pressure. Employment opportunities are available within both large and small record labels, and similar positions exist within the advertising and marketing firms that cater to the music industry. Similarly, there are related roles available within companies that publish DVDs and video games. 


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