Radio Promotions Manager

  • Radio Promotions Manager

Supervising the staff of promotions assistants, the manager is responsible for approaching advertising clients and community partners concerning opportunities for promotional activities. He or she negotiates plans by which the station may participate in and benefit from, including events such as fairs, concerts, parades, and other local festivities.


With area merchants, radio stations often engage in cross-promotional events designed to drive business to the merchant’s establishment and to garner greater audience attention for the radio station. Promotions under the purview of the manager also include on-air giveaways related to a specific artist. In coordination with the record label or concert promoter, the manager negotiates an agreement to secure goods to give away through contests, in exchange for advertising for the client. He or she is responsible for making the deal, communicating with the program manager and on-air talent concerning the contest, and ensuring that the prizes are awarded according to the terms of the contest.

Depending on the specific needs of the event, the radio promotions manager may attend functions in the field, overseeing the promotions assistants and coordinating with the venue operations staff. In preparation for field events, the manager ensures that all the necessary equipment is rented or pulled from the station’s stock. He or she will assign the members of the promotions department who will work the event and delegate specific responsibilities. It is this person’s primary task to see to it that promotions are conducted according to the approved agreement and that the staff represents the station to the public in a professional manner.

Skills & Education

A college degree in marketing, communications, or music business is recommended for this career. A degree in radio broadcasting is useful but not necessary. The radio promotions manager must be familiar with the format of the radio station and understand the demographics of the station’s target market. In coordinating with record labels, he or she should demonstrate knowledge about record label processes and be experienced in contract negotiations. Creativity is an invaluable asset in this position, as the audience expects ever more exciting and interesting promotions to keep their interest. Experience in personnel scheduling, invoicing, and payroll is beneficial.

What to Expect

The radio promotions manager role is a senior-level position that requires at least three years within the promotions, marketing, or advertising field, preferably within the radio industry. Employment as a promotions assistant is applicable to this career. For many who venture into radio, they find that lateral moves to different departments within the company are easier to come by after at least one year of experience. The hours associated with this position can be irregular, as events can range from a few hours in the morning at a record store to a daylong festival or a late night at a local bar. Radio promotions manager is typically a salaried, full-time position.


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