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Entertainment and media companies are interested in leveraging the full power of social networking sites to promote their brand and products, and to grow a community of loyal fans. The public face of that effort is the social media coordinator.


The social media coordinator works under the direction of the social media or new media manager and is a member of the marketing department, either within an entertainment company or at a third-party firm hired to maintain the company’s online presence. He or she is responsible for developing strategies to increase the fan base on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube by outlining a campaign calendar and conceptualizing tactics to increase audience participation. This person is also the voice of those public sites, actively engaging followers in a dialogue in an effort to transform visitors into advocates for the brand. The social media coordinator will collaborate with all divisions of the marketing and promotions teams to create relevant content and interactive media experiences through the social sites, and may oversee freelance outreach staff.

In an effort to exploit all available strategies for drawing in new visitors, the coordinator will seek input from online marketing specialists concerning search engine optimization best practices. This position may have the added responsibility of contributing to the development of online advertising specifically engineered to drive traffic to social sites. He or she is expected to deliver regular updates to superiors concerning traffic and conversion of visitors, and will submit new development plans for approval by manager. 

Skills & Education

A college degree in marketing, advertising, or entertainment business is recommended for this position, though numerous areas of study are applicable. The social media coordinator must have expertise in the use of online networking sites and be proficient in standard Office software applications. He or she should possess the ability to plan sharp, innovative marketing and advertising strategies, and be able to quickly adapt those strategies in response to consumer feedback. Engaging with the public requires respectful and effective communication, and a “voice” personable enough to retain visitors through one-on-one interaction. A thorough knowledge of the brand and products you represent is imperative, as you are the conduit between the public and your company, and the public will view you as an authority on your company’s operations.

What to Expect

The role of the social media coordinator is an entry- to midlevel position that requires at least two years of social media marketing experience, which can be gained through internships or similar employment. Full-time positions exist within all segments of the entertainment industry, as well as at marketing and PR firms that take contracts on behalf of entertainment producers. This position carries with it the great responsibility of properly representing your employer and its products to the public. What you say online is a reflection on the work of hundreds of other people, so a certain degree of tact and professionalism is expected, even in the casual environment of Twitter. Hours may be highly irregular, depending on the company, as you may interact with fans in multiple time zones and be expected to perform updates in the early morning or late night. 


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