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Search Party Music

Search Party is a music supervision company that is helmed by creative director, Randall Poster, considered one of the foremost talents in entertainment music supervision. The company is headquartered in New York with additional offices in Portland, Oregon.

A&R Scout

An A&R scout works for the record label and is responsible for finding new musical talent and developing that talent. A&R scouts are the first point of contact between artists and record labels, and by keeping up with musical trends and acts as they appear, scouts bring up-and-coming bands and solo acts to the attention of the A&R department. A&R scout is the lowest rung of the A&R ladder, below the A&R executive but critical to the discovery and development process. 

A&R Executive

The A&R (Artists and Repertoire) executive’s main focus is finding new artists and building a label’s repertoire, but the full scope their responsibilities are far greater. The A&R executive must maintain the balance of art and business. He or she should be an ally to the artist within the record label, but is an employee of the record company whose career is tied to the success or failure of the talent on their roster.