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Know Your Internship Rights

In the entertainment industry, an internship is a great way, and in some cases the only way, to transition from student to professional. Among 2013 graduates across all sectors who did an internship, more than 63 percent of paid interns and 37 percent of unpaid interns were offered a job, reports the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

Copyright/Licensing Attorney

Before a film hits theaters or a television show airs, attorneys must work out numerous contract stipulations that govern a company’s rights to exploit a creative property. In today’s increasingly connected technological landscape, attorneys face greater challenges in determining and anticipating all possible uses of a copyright license, wading into uncertain waters of social media, free streaming content, and paid on-demand distribution.

Music Attorney

A music attorney combines a law degree with deep knowledge of music and the recording industry into a single exciting career. These specialized attorneys handle a variety of different legal issues surrounding the music industry, from the legality of contracts to copyright and trademark issues. While first and foremost a lawyer, a music attorney often has a music background and understands the finer points of the music industry.