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Infinite Possibilities: Ken Levine

These days, Ken Levine is getting back to the proverbial drawing board. During his periodic five-hour walks with Andres Gonzalez, the lead level designer on BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea, the pair ponder gaming’s more nebulous questions. Do game narratives need to be linear? Can designers give players the power to rearrange and customize storylines?

Ken Levine Announces Irrational Games is "Winding Down"

In a letter posted to the company’s website, Irrational Games co-founder Ken Levine announced that he is essentially dismantling the BioShock studio, stating that all but about 15 of the current staff are being laid off.

“I am winding down Irrational Games as you know it,” the letter reads. “I’ll be starting a smaller, more entrepreneurial endeavor at Take-Two.”

Steve Gaynor: Designing 'Gone Home'

Until 2012, Steve Gaynor was best known for his level design work on blockbuster franchises including expansion packs for F.E.A.R., BioShock 2 and it’s expansion, Minerva’s Den, and BioShock Infinite. Then he gave it all up. In his newest creation, Gaynor employs a few classic BioShock techniques like slow-build storytelling and exploratory level design to take players on a decidedly smaller journey.

Pixel Shrink: Game Writer Susan O'Connor

User-friendly gameplay draws players in, but a compelling storyline is what keeps them engaged with the game’s universe. That’s where Susan O’Connor thrives.

Emotion Capture: Anthony Tominia

The immersive nature of modern video games’ razor-sharp graphics and lifelike characters have reached a state where viewers must no longer struggle to suspend their disbelief. Today’s gamers are spellbound by alternate universes, synthetic sweat, and digital destruction. Nevertheless, for every strikingly realistic crossover from a favorite basketball star or ghastly swipe of a heinous villain, there stands a team of artists to breathe real life into the virtual characters.

Execution of Justice

Mutants and zombies and Russians, oh my. (image courtesy Raven Software)Mutants and zombies and Russians, oh my. (image courtesy Raven Software)

Blasting aliens and monsters? No worries—fire away.

Nazis, skinheads and other nasty criminals? Well, clearly, they had it coming. Pull that trigger. Toss that grenade.

Running over civilians and prostitutes?—OK, buddy, now you’ve crossed the line.