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Sharper Image: Photographer Chase Jarvis

Credit: Mitch MoquinCredit: Mitch MoquinIn 1994, amateur photographer Chase Jarvis licensed his first image for $500 and a pair of skis. Two decades later, his images sell for up to $50,000 a pop, he’s won photo awards by the boatload, he’s authored three books and an app, and shoots for clients like REI, Red Bull, Apple, Polaroid, Starbucks, and Nike.

The Scavengers: Michelle Torres

Today’s television landscape includes more commercials at shorter intervals, while the viewing public’s attention span and patience is shrinking. However, with the advent of DVR technology, brands have been forced to great lengths to capture and keep your attention. More than ever, commercials are produced as short-form films with higher production values and even A-list directors.

Digital Kitchen

Veteran creative and Emmy Award winner Paul Matthaeus formed Digital Kitchen in 2000. The studio won an Emmy Award in 2002 for the title sequence on Six Feet Under, and again in 2006 for Dexter.