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A Rock Star's Guide to Networking: Randy Nichols

Quit name-dropping and start building grassroots connections from the ground up. In the music business, slow and steady often wins the race, says Randy Nichols, CEO of Force Media Management, a New York firm that’s best known for managing pop-punk and hardcore groups including Bayside, The Startling Line, Underoath, and The Almost.

Warped Drive: Kevin Lyman

Credit: Chad SengstockCredit: Chad SengstockSixty cities, 129 bands, more than a half-million fans, most of them under age. Keeping them all happy is a hell of a feat, but it’s what brings Kevin Lyman to work everyday. Creating the then-grassroots festival two decades ago with the help of a few music promoter friends, Lyman’s baby has grown into a force in the punk and hard rock scene, a presence that has overflowed into fashion and charitable initiatives.

Touring by the Numbers: Why Bands Should Stop Worrying and Love the Metrics

Credit: yakub88 / Shutterstock.comCredit: yakub88 / Shutterstock.comColdplay did it with iTunes. Gaga did it with Doritos. And Jay and Ye most definitely did it with Samsung. Artists who partner with mega-brands can stress less about record sales and pirated tunes as private companies foot the bill.

Event Horizon: Charlie Jennings on Building Bonnaroo

As rock-hungry fans are fine-tuning their Bonnaroo concert schedules, Charlie Jennings is sweating the small and not-so-small stuff. While mired in logistics ranging from artist accommodations to toilet placement, Jennings and the rest of the operations team at the Knoxville, Tennessee-based production company AC Entertainment and their partners Superfly Presents were doing their yearly scramble to ensure that the estimated 80,000 Bonnaroo patrons have a safe, happy, and rock-filled weekend.

Cotton King: Joey Lemble

If you’ve attended a concert over the last five years and bought a T-shirt, there’s a very good chance merchandise manager Joey Lemble sold it to you. The Toledo, Ohio native-turned perpetual road dog has worked with everyone from pop idols Adele and Ellie Goulding to Icelandic space-rockers Sigur Ros and metal crunch masters Lamb of God, and he has no plans of unpacking his suitcase any time soon.