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Lighting Technician

The capacity of lighting technology to visually captivate an audience has advanced tremendously over the past two decades. Automated instruments are becoming more sophisticated, wireless dimmers have unshackled the designer, and behind all of this innovation are the lighting technicians who meticulously place and care for millions of dollars’ worth of totally awesome toys.


Stagehands are the general labor of the stage; they push road cases, run cable, and stack speakers—the hardest, heaviest, and most tedious jobs in show production. It is not a glamorous gig, but it is where most people have to start to build a career.

Lighting Console Operator

In live entertainment production, the role of the lighting console operator is to implement the design created through collaboration between the artistic director, lighting designer, and stage manager. Each look—a precisely timed cue—creates an atmosphere to enhance the emotion for both the performer and the audience.  

Objects of Affection

illustration by Kim Foxillustration by Kim Fox

Guitar Tech

When a band graduates from headlining birthday parties to Bonnaroo, they can’t let a broken string or busted neck stop the rock. Above a certain level, every musician employs a dedicated tech to maintain, repair, and set up his or her instruments—not just any roadie can be trusted to load in Slash’s custom Les Paul Signature or Kim Gordon’s Gibson Thunderbird bass. 

Event Promoter

When P.T. Barnum, “the patron saint of promoters,” wanted to market an event, he didn’t sell tickets—he sold an once-in-a-lifetime experience you couldn’t afford to miss, “The Greatest Show on Earth.” Pioneering strategies for attracting the masses made Barnum the foremost name in event promotion; commercial success made him legendary. Creativity, tenacity, and a knack for knowing what makes your audience tick are the staples of a successful event promoter.


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