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Epic Games

Epic Games is not only the award-winning studio that brought the Gears of War franchise to the masses, but it also builds one of the most widely used game engines: the Unreal engine. Titles from outside developers built on the Unreal platform include Mass Effect 2 and Batman: Arkham Asylum.

PopCap Games

John Vechey, Jason Kapalka, and Brian Fiete founded PopCap Games in 2000 and have concentrated the company‚Äôs efforts on casual gaming titles for platforms such as Xbox, PlayStation3, Nintendo DS, mobile phones, the iPad, and Facebook. In July of 2011, Electronic Arts purchased PopCap Games.

Front-End Developer

The title of the front-end developer can be applied to numerous responsibilities within the game development industry, but in this case, the developer is an artist and programmer who works on a creative team to design, build, and maintain applications and online presence to support a game product.