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10 Tips to Avoid Common Internship Pitfalls

illustration by Kim Foxillustration by Kim Fox

So you landed your dream internship, huh? Bet you’re feeling pretty badass, but don’t let your confidence turn into cockiness and even worse, laziness. As you gear up for that big fall semester internship, check out our tips below to avoid the common intern pitfalls.

Social Media Coordinator

Entertainment and media companies are interested in leveraging the full power of social networking sites to promote their brand and products, and to grow a community of loyal fans. The public face of that effort is the social media coordinator.

Music Screener

Companies that connect songwriters and composers to music supervisors and production companies often enlist the part-time help of music screeners to assist the A&R department in finding suitable compositions to fulfill the needs of entertainment industry clients.

Marketing Assistant

You’ve got to start somewhere. For a career in entertainment industry marketing, the first step is as a marketing assistant. These positions exist across every facet of the business, from film and television studios to record labels, game studios, and live event producers.

College Marketing Representative

Instead of waiting until you’ve walked the stage at graduation to start your career in the music business, why not get a head start on the competition? Resourceful and motivated college students are needed by record labels and publicity firms to be eyes and ears on the street—the inside person on campus.

Public Relations Assistant

Publicists are the spin doctors that keep Hollywood in the headlines. Whether representing a new film, an A-list actor, or a start-up game studio, these opinion-makers are charged with stirring up attention and turning any press into good press.

Personal Assistant

High-profile celebrities and media moguls have people to see and places to go. They don’t pick up their own dry cleaning; that’s where the personal assistant comes in. These champions of indentured servitude gladly perform menial tasks for the reward of jet-setting with the star to Paris, or rubbing elbows backstage at the Grammys.

Agent's Assistant

Working on an agent’s desk is a special circle of assistant hell, but if you can survive, the payoffs can make it worthwhile. Picture poor Lloyd, toiling away under Ari Gold’s abuse in Entourage, and you are not far off from reality. If the word “abuse” has not already caused you to re-evaluate your career aspirations, then you may have the right attitude to survive the boot camp that is being an entertainment agent’s assistant.

Rotoscope Artist

The animation technique of rotoscoping is nearly a hundred years old, but the advancements in technology and technique have made being a rotoscope artist today far different than in your great-great-grandfather’s day. While today’s rotoscope artist works almost exclusively with computers and continuously evolving rotoscoping software, the fundamentals of rotoscoping remain the same as a century ago: Rotoscope artists provide traced outlines (mattes) so that live-action objects can be integrated into layers for films, television shows, and video games.