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A Creator's Guide to Fighting Content Bullies

Credit: Timothy BanksCredit: Timothy BanksJonathan McIntosh was, by all Internet measures, succeeding.

A Fighting Chance: Nonprofit Group Leads Veterans into Film and TV Careers

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Kyle Hausmann-StokesKyle Hausmann-StokesThe idea was simple: Create an organization to support current and former military members working in film and television. Two years ago, Army paratrooper Kyle Hausmann-Stokes and Marine Mike Dowling envisioned a network that could facilitate communication between veterans and employers, offer networking opportunities, and support continuing education through mentorship.

What Indie Films Can Learn From Games

Filmmakers are fighting for funding. Game companies are rolling in it. So perhaps it makes sense to look to games to revitalize how indie films are released. That’s what Mike Wilson is trying to do. A co-founder of Devolver, the Austin, Texas-based game distribution firm best known for its work on the Serious Sam and Hotline Miami series, Wilson is hoping his 20 years of experience in game development and distribution will crossover nicely into independent film.

Mark Hensley: Taming Audio Anarchy

Credit: Prashant Gupta/FXCredit: Prashant Gupta/FXFor Mark Hensley, it’s always been about sound. Raised by American parents living in Holland, where his father worked on the oil pipelines, Hensley started out as a musician, playing guitar and singing with various bands.

Not Impossible: 'Wicked' Composer Says Movie is 'Gearing up'

As reported by Vulture, Wicked composer and lyricist Stephen Schwartz has stated that a movie based on the Tony Award-winning musical is “gearing up.”

Make a Scene: Lessons From South By Southwest

For Lena Dunham, this year’s South By Southwest festival may be like coming home.

Shawn Patterson: The Accidental Cartoon Composer

Composer and songwriter Shawn Patterson got his start in television on ‘90s series like The Ren & Stimpy Show and The Chipmunks. He has since produced work for Cartoon Network’s Robot Chicken

Dutch Film Incorporates Your Phone for Second Screen Experience

In the first feature film to include second screen content as part of the theatrical experience, App tells the story of Anna, a psychology student caring for her brother after he suffers a traumatic motorcycle accident, and the mysterious app that appears on her phone following a dorm party. IRIS is SIRI’s Bizzaro World counterpart, an evil and all-powerful consciousness with a hot temper.

Remote Control: Intern From Anywhere

No wheels? No problem. If you can’t hoof it out to an entertainment hub like New York or Los Angeles, you may be able to build your portfolio and make industry connections without leaving your dorm. Virtual internships allow willing workers to land gigs with employers around the world and complete assignments at your own pace.

Director Nanette Burstein Revisits Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan 20 Years After the "Whack Heard Around the World" in ESPN Films' 'The Price of Gold'

Tonya Harding, "The Price of Gold"Tonya Harding, “The Price of Gold”Director Nanette Burstein earned a Directors Guild Award and an Oscar nomination for her first documentary, On the Ropes, a low-budget film shot using a Sony Handycam.