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Second Unit Director

The second unit of a film is a crew that is responsible for shooting supplementary footage; this includes establishing shots, stunts, inserts, and cutaways. This crew is separate from the first unit, which is the team that films scenes with the leading cast. When a series of shots are deemed too expensive, dangerous, or time-consuming for the first unit to accomplish, the second unit director leads his or her team to capture the necessary scenes.

Carpenter’s Assistant

This entry-level position in film, television, and live production works within the scenic or construction department and is vital to the efficient operation of the scene shop and to building of sets during pre-production. 

Key Makeup Artist

Everyone wears makeup in the movies. Seriously, everyone. The work of a makeup artist on a film or television show is not limited to glam-ing up the leading lady or turning a walk-on actor into a decaying dead body on the autopsy table, the job is also utilitarian and necessary to counteract the negative effects of intensely bright production lighting. Without makeup, all performers on screen would appear pale, washed out, and with facial expressions barely visible.


Napoleon once said that an army marches on its stomach; as anyone in the film industry knows, this is also true for the hundreds of people it takes to make a movie. Caterers are not just useful for providing massive quantities of delicious food at corporate events and weddings, but are also pivotal to the movie-making process, feeding everyone on the film set from the actors to the grips and all in between.