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Firaxis Games

Firaxis Games is the home of award-winning developer Sid Meier, who serves as president and director of creative development. His contributions to the video game industry have earned him a place in the Computer Museum of America Hall of Fame and the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame.


Considered the world’s first independent developer and distributor of console video games, Activision is now a publicly traded international corporation that is majority controlled by Vivendi.

10 Tips to Avoid Common Internship Pitfalls

illustration by Kim Foxillustration by Kim Fox

So you landed your dream internship, huh? Bet you’re feeling pretty badass, but don’t let your confidence turn into cockiness and even worse, laziness. As you gear up for that big fall semester internship, check out our tips below to avoid the common intern pitfalls.

Motion Capture Artist

The motion capture artist works closely with the direction team and actors from pre-production through post in creating computer-generated characters who move, interact, and look just as lifelike on the screen as real people. Far beyond just generating a digital cast member, the motion capture artist and his or her crew strive to create a digital actor whose performance is no less convincing than the flesh-and-blood counterpart.