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Design Tactics: Building Worlds of Warfare

Since its launch in 2011, World of Tanks has secured over 85 million players worldwide. With its blend of military strategy, vehicle customization, and fast action PvP, it appeals to hardcore military enthusiasts and casual players alike. 

Infinite Possibilities: Ken Levine

These days, Ken Levine is getting back to the proverbial drawing board. During his periodic five-hour walks with Andres Gonzalez, the lead level designer on BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea, the pair ponder gaming’s more nebulous questions. Do game narratives need to be linear? Can designers give players the power to rearrange and customize storylines?

Write Now: Narrative Designer Chris Avellone

No experience? No money? No industry connections? Don’t sweat it, says Obsidian Entertainment creative director Chris Avellone. If you want to make games or break into the gaming field as a writer, get started right now. No excuses.

Bright Ideas: Tracy Fullerton

Breathe in, slow down, and look around. Explore, and don’t for a second think about pulling out a gun or blowing a baddie away. In Tracy Fullerton’s games, enlightenment, not adrenalin, is the goal and getting there is a matter of thinking introspectively.

Novel Approach: Kent Hudson

Three years ago, Kent Hudson gave a talk at the Game Developers Conference on how the industry could theoretically strengthen player-driven storylines. This week, he’s returning to San Francisco with an indie game that proves how it can be done.

Graeme Timmins: Designing 'Aliens: Colonial Marines'

It was one of the most highly anticipated games of the year. When the Gearbox Software announced they were rebooting the Aliens film franchise into a first-person shooter, fans of both the studio’s previous games and the Ridley Scott/James Cameron films were eager to see the game’s H.R. Giger-inspired aesthetic.

Heather Kelley: Designing Experimental Games

Photo by: Keita TakahashiPhoto by: Keita TakahashiPlaying online or through a console in your living room is one way to game, but Heather Kelley, founder of the game development company Perfect Plum and co-founder of the experimental game collective Kokoromi, wants you to think bigger. Much bigger.

On Target: John Romero

In certain circles, John Romero is legendary as the self-taught game designer who pioneered the original first-person shooters. Romero’s career dates back to the early ‘80s when he published his first titles for the Apple II.