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How to Become a Networking Ninja at GDC Next

Whether you’re looking for a job, a development partner, financial backing, art critique, or media coverage of your latest work, GDC Next could be your key to making the right connection.

Test Case Scenario: Dr. Deborah Hendersen

Credit: Dr. Deborah HendersonCredit: Dr. Deborah HendersonThere’s often a deep divide between a game designer’s goal and a player’s expectations, and that’s where behavioral researcher Dr. Deborah Hendersen comes in.

GDC Day 5: Breaking In and Standing Out

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The last day of GDC 2014 brought in greenhorns who ponied up for the Friday student pass and a bevy of workshops focused on how to break into the industry and the nuts and bolts of succeeding once you have. Yesterday’s Game Career Seminar, a $75 must-do for anyone looking for employment in the gaming world, included mini-workshops on everything from lean game development to spreadsheet skills, but the real draw of the day was undoubtedly the in-person portfolio reviews, helmed by developers at Epic and Irrational Games, amongst others.

GDC 2014: Narrative Legos with Ken Levine

The Game Developers Conference is coming to a close today, but you can catch a live stream on gaming narrative hosted by Irrational Games co-founder Ken Levine. The talk begins at 11:30 a.m. PST, streamed courtesy of GameSpot.

From the GDC online schedule:

GDC Day 4: Lessons Learned and New Announcements

AAA and social games have an enormous presence at GDC, but the indies are all the buzz after the winners at the Independent Games Festival were announced on Wednesday.

GDC Day 3: What We're Doing Wrong (And How to Fix It)

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Credit: SonyCredit: SonyAs the GDC expo wrapped up its third day, Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us took home the title of Game of the Year.

GDC Day 2: The Real and Virtual Realities of Game Development

Shuhei Yoshida presents Project Morpheus at GDC 2014Shuhei Yoshida presents Project Morpheus at GDC 2014With the Game Developers Conference now in full swing, Sony dropped the biggest bomb of the day by announcing that it is moving into the virtual reality market. Project Morpheus is primarily designed for games, but will hopefully expand into non-gaming, non-entertainment uses, said Dr. Richard Marks, a researcher who is part of the Project Morpheus team.

Nominees Announced for the 14th Annual Game Developers Choice Awards

Developed by a four-person team living together in order to minimize expenses, Gone Home has already earned numerous accolades.

GDC Day 1: Storytelling and Iteration

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"DOOM" creator John Romero challenges players to a live DOOM battle at GDC on March 17, 2014 in San FranciscoDOOM” creator John Romero challenges players to a live DOOM battle at GDC on March 17, 2014 in San FranciscoSouth By Southwest gets tons of hype, but the real hardcore game developers head straight to San Francisco. Offering more than 400 lectures and workshops, this year’s Game Developers Conference is particularly enticing to those interested in game narrative. Dr. Deborah Hendersen, a researcher for Microsoft Studios, discussed what her testing shows about how much players care for narrative.

Novel Approach: Kent Hudson

Three years ago, Kent Hudson gave a talk at the Game Developers Conference on how the industry could theoretically strengthen player-driven storylines. This week, he’s returning to San Francisco with an indie game that proves how it can be done.