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The Spy Next Door: Navid Khonsari

Navid KhonsariNavid KhonsariNavid Khonsari is taking more than just a professional risk with his new game. Years after leaving Rockstar Games, where he worked as a director on multiple shoot-‘em-up titles in the Grand Theft Auto and Max Payne series, Khonsari is aiming to bring players closer to real-life action.

Goat Forth and Conquer: The Viral Success of 'Goat Simulator'

Fresh off making the first-person shooter Sanctum 2, Swedish development house Coffee Stain Studios wanted to kick back and make a lighter internal game tutorial that could introduce new programmers to the Unreal game engine.

Get Your Game (and Dev Blog) Discovered with SEO

As an independent video game developer with limited budget, ensuring marketing investments produce impactful ROI is a must. However, not all effective marketing costs money. In fact, some of the best strategies are completely free—most notably, search engine optimization. Why?

Indies Helping Indies

The monumental rise of indie games in recent years has broken down many barriers and empowered smaller studios to find success outside of the grip of traditional publishing models. An eagerness to collaborate and lend a hand to kindred spirits has always been a defining element of the indie developer community.

Inside Indie Fund: The Business of Backing

Credit: Timothy BanksCredit: Timothy BanksIndie developers strapped for cash have limited options for raising capital. Without name recognition or heavy game festival accolades, it’s tough to attract interest from a publisher, venture capitalist, or angel investors.

Play on Words: The First Step to Marketing Your Indie Game

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If you’re an independent game developer, you are well aware of the critical role marketing plays in indie game success. And, if you’re an indie who has never practiced marketing before, you are also well aware of how overwhelming learning this discipline can be. Sure, there’s tons of free advice online, which is great for those who know what they’re doing. But what if you’re new to the whole marketing thing? Where do you begin?  

Bright Ideas: Tracy Fullerton

Breathe in, slow down, and look around. Explore, and don’t for a second think about pulling out a gun or blowing a baddie away. In Tracy Fullerton’s games, enlightenment, not adrenalin, is the goal and getting there is a matter of thinking introspectively.

Steve Gaynor: Designing 'Gone Home'

Until 2012, Steve Gaynor was best known for his level design work on blockbuster franchises including expansion packs for F.E.A.R., BioShock 2 and it’s expansion, Minerva’s Den, and BioShock Infinite. Then he gave it all up. In his newest creation, Gaynor employs a few classic BioShock techniques like slow-build storytelling and exploratory level design to take players on a decidedly smaller journey.

Game Changer: Kellee Santiago

In March of 2012, Kellee Santiago and her team at thatgamecompany launched Journey, a PlayStation 3 game that scooped up eight Academy of Interactive Arts and Science awards including Game of the Year. Two months later, she announced she was leaving the company.

Dream Catcher: Matt Gilgenbach

Matt Gilgenbach knows how fast dreams can turn into nightmares. After graduating from the University of Michigan, Gilgenbach spent five years developing games for other studios before achieving his dream of launching his own titles. He even had a groundbreaking idea—a reverse shooter gamers would play backwards.