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License to Ill: Christiane Kinney on the Laws of Remixes and Mashups

Credit: Timothy BanksCredit: Timothy BanksPicasso may have been the first to say that all art is theft, but a growing number of copyright and sampling lawsuits prove that not everybody’s OK with it.

Senior Systems Administrator

Visual effects production within the entertainment industry relies heavily on technology to deliver the impressive cinematic effects that audiences have come to expect. To keep the studio up on current innovations and systems running smoothly, production also relies on the computer specialists that are experts in all things tech.


It was once the dirty little secret of the recording industry that many artists did not write their own music, but today consumers understand that behind a teen pop queen or platinum-selling group, there is often an unsung hero who receives only a brief mention in the fine print of the album’s credits.

Search Party Music

Search Party is a music supervision company that is helmed by creative director, Randall Poster, considered one of the foremost talents in entertainment music supervision. The company is headquartered in New York with additional offices in Portland, Oregon.


BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc.) is a not-for-profit performing rights organization (PRO) that was founded in 1939. The company operates seven offices in New York, Los Angeles, Nashville, Atlanta, Miami, Puerto Rico and London.

EMI Music Publishing

EMI Music Publishing is owned in part by Sony/ATV (a joint venture between Sony and the estate of Micheal Jackson) and David Geffen, and its roster boasts songs by artists such as Roy Orbison, Ella Fitzgerald, and Drake. The publisher’s catalog of hits includes “Mr. Tambourine Man,” “You’ve Got a Friend,” “American Pie,” and “New York, New York.”

Elias Arts


Jonathan Elias, a composer and record producer, founded Elias Associates in 1980. The music and advertising firm later became Elias Arts, responsible for the MTV “Moon Landing” theme, the Columbia Pictures theme, and the unmistakable Yahoo! yodel.

Royalty Administrator

Royalties, in the music industry, are fees paid to a recording artist or band for the use of their music. The royalty administrator for a record label or performing rights organization will have numerous responsibilities, the majority of which relate to maintaining and updating the artist database and reviewing sales and airplay data.

Mechanical Licensing Administrator

A mechanical license gives the licensee the permission to create copies of a song, either by re-recording the song with another artist or by printing sheet music of the composition and lyrics. Permission is obtained through an agreement with the copyright holder, which is the songwriter or the music publisher to whom the writer has assigned publishing rights.

Synch License Administrator

A synch (synchronization) license for a musical composition is an agreement that gives the licensee permission to reproduce a song “in connection with” or “in timed relation to” visual images. When a previously recorded song is played in a movie, television show, commercial, or other visual medium, a license must be obtained from the copyright owner.