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Monitor Engineer

Have you ever tried to carry a tune in a crowded, noisy room, unable to hear yourself? It isn’t easy. Musicians rely on stage monitors (speakers) and in-ear monitors to hear a specifically crafted mix of the vocals and instruments on stage; this keeps them on beat and singers on key. The best seat in the house goes to the monitor engineer, the technician tasked with crafting the artist’s monitor mix. 


If tiptoeing across a 5-inch piece of steel 85 feet in the air towing 40 pounds of rope, cable and chain behind you sounds like a great day at the office, then perhaps you were born to be a rigger.

Tour Manager

A major concert tour is a huge undertaking. Moving a small army of performers, crew, support staff and gear across the country and the world requires great attention to detail, organization, and planning. The tour manager is responsible for keeping the show on the road and running smoothly. Logistical concerns like finance, accommodations, transportation, promotions, and merchandise all fall in the tour manager’s domain. The tour manager holds the paychecks, the room keys, and the phone number for late-night Chinese take-out in Kansas City—and always remembers where the bus is parked.

Stage Manager

The stage manager is the right hand of the director through pre-production and rehearsal. With the curtain ready to go up, the director moves on to the next project and the stage manager is left to ensure the creative integrity of the show. After the director has left the show in his or her capable hands, both the cast and crew now answer to the stage manager.

Booking Agent

The talent booking business comprises two major segments: the promoters who buy the act and the agents who sell it. A promoter represents the venue and sponsors, while the booking agent represents the artists and their management.