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Spotlight Operator

Whether picking up Slash for a wicked guitar solo or following Kristin Chenoweth as she belts a glory note, the spotlight operator’s primary responsibility is to highlight the focal person or persons on stage. A followspot serves to direct the audience’s attention and fill in the gaps of the stage lighting.


Like a film director, the stage director supervises both the performance and technical aspects of a production. He or she has the artistic spirit of a designer, the methodical mind of a technician, and a poetic soul.

Technical Director

A live production’s technical staff can number dozens or hundreds; to ensure that the lighting designer is not calling focus the same day the deck is being painted, a technical director is in place to coordinate between departments. This person is an artist, a craftsperson, and technician; without a technical director, the production process is more chaos theory than the realization of organic creation.

Rat Sound

The small sound system shop has a massive list of clients, including tours with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, Snoop Dog, and the Coachella music festival. Dave Rat and friends began the ground-up formation of Reliable Audio Technology (renamed Rat Sound) in 1979 by recording Los Angeles punk bands in exchange for a spot on the guest list and beer money.