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Mr. Roboto: Mike Elizalde

Eight words changed Mike Elizalde’s life: “I want you to open your own studio.” A special effects and animatronics expert who had done stints with FX legends like Kevin Yagher (Child’s Play, Hellraiser: Bloodline) and Ri

Key Makeup Artist

Everyone wears makeup in the movies. Seriously, everyone. The work of a makeup artist on a film or television show is not limited to glam-ing up the leading lady or turning a walk-on actor into a decaying dead body on the autopsy table, the job is also utilitarian and necessary to counteract the negative effects of intensely bright production lighting. Without makeup, all performers on screen would appear pale, washed out, and with facial expressions barely visible.

Set Costume Supervisor

It is rare that a costume designer works on location with the production crew during principal photography. More often, the costume designer designates a surrogate that will execute the design on set and provide leadership for the costume department.


With the flick of a comb, a hairstylist can characterize, set a time period or even illuminate a theme. Successful hairstyles can evoke a sense of drama or even comedy. They can be tied to certain eras and even to certain celebrities. Because of this, it cannot be understated how important hair is to a star’s image, and subsequently, the films and television shows in which he or she appears. Just imagine the actor playing Wolverine with a Justin Beiber cut.

Legacy Effects

Legacy Effects was formed in 2008 out of Stan Winston Studios, after the passing of Academy Award–winning special effects master Stan Winston. Shane Mahan, John Rosengrant, Lindsay MacGowan, and Alan Scott partnered to preserve the memory of their late mentor and continue his legacy of stunning special effects.

Special Effects Makeup Artist

While makeup is often used in film to make actors and actresses look more beautiful, it can also be used to make them look scary, beat-up, or inhuman. When a director needs a handsome actor to become a horrifying mutant zombie, he or she turns to the considerable talents of the special effects makeup artist.

Makeup Artist

It is a makeup artist’s responsibility to execute the makeup designer’s looks on each cast member as assigned. For every performance, the artist works from illustrated templates—and eventually from memory—to transform the actor’s face and create the first visual impression of the character.

Makeup Designer

The design process is about telling a story, and a makeup artist paints that story in color. The actor emotes through his or her body and face, but it is the makeup designer’s task to enhance that emotion and help convey the character.