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Lead Lighting Artist

Lighting is an important element in the creation of a game’s look and feel. An environment is not complete without the mood that is set by shadowy dark corners or bright rays across a vast landscape. In an effort to provide levels that feel realistic and enhance the overall style of the game, studios require the artistic talent and discerning eye of lighting artists.


The director is the ultimate creative voice of a film; he or she holds the core vision of the project and leads the cast and crew through preproduction, principal photography, and post-production. Like a general on the field of battle, the director sees the whole picture, and is the one who plans strategy, delegates tasks, and inspires the troops to achieve the goal.

Film Producer

This title must be one of the most misused and misunderstood in the film industry—so much so that, after the stampede of producers that took the stage to accept the Best Picture Oscar for Shakespeare in Love, the Academy instituted a three-person limit to the nomination credits.

Art Director

The art director at a game studio is responsible for reviewing all art assets for quality and continuity with the creative director’s vision. This person supervises teams of artists, animators, and designers from concept to ship date. He or she is ultimately responsible for the aesthetics of the finished game.