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License to Ill: Christiane Kinney on the Laws of Remixes and Mashups

Credit: Timothy BanksCredit: Timothy BanksPicasso may have been the first to say that all art is theft, but a growing number of copyright and sampling lawsuits prove that not everybody’s OK with it.

Urban Culture Inspired by Alternative Music: Lou Constant-Desportes of Afropunk.com

Credit: Roger KisbyCredit: Roger KisbyPunk rock music made major headlines in the U.S. between 1974 and 1981. In New York City, the first well-known punk band was The Ramones. In London, the Sex Pistols inspired the movement. Punk rock has always been seen as a self-sufficient entity of music, often anti-establishment and political in nature, but full of heart, dedication and originality.

Pop Life: Artist Manager Jami Stigliano

Neon Hitch, "Yard Sale"Neon Hitch, “Yard Sale”“I’ve always proudly said that I’m a pop girl; I grew up obsessed with pop brands, meaning Madonna, Michael Jackson, New Kids On The Block, [and] Debbie Gibson,” says the Waco, Texas native. “Musically, that’s the music I loved.”

An A Cappella History of Video Game Themes

Do you even a cappella, bro?

Yes. Yes he does.

First off, dude has a working Nintendo NES. Respect. I have no recollection of the ultimate disappearance of my system, but Ecco the Dolphin so enraged my child mind that I dismantled my Sega Genesis to create circuit board art. So many pretty wires and shiny pieces.

But I digress.

Tastemaker: Ann Powers

Ann Powers has written for a who’s who of respected publications. The Seattle native began her career at The Rocket, one of the first magazines to help break grunge acts like Nirvana.

Life on Tour with Coldplay, Lady Gaga, and The Great Wheat Thins Caper

Patrick Dolan is a cinematograher who has spent years on the road as a video engineer with recording artists like Coldplay, Lady Gaga, The Roling Stones, and many more. In a recent interview, Dolan discussed life on the road and how he got his start in film and video. He also shared a few of his personal experiences and a side of recording artists only the crew gets to see. Below are excerpts from the full interiew that will appear on Get In Media next week. 

Mark Hensley: Taming Audio Anarchy

Credit: Prashant Gupta/FXCredit: Prashant Gupta/FXFor Mark Hensley, it’s always been about sound. Raised by American parents living in Holland, where his father worked on the oil pipelines, Hensley started out as a musician, playing guitar and singing with various bands.

Atlantic Connection Sets the Record Straight on Making Beats

Credit: Gil KonspiracyCredit: Gil KonspiracyDJ, producer, and musician Atlantic Connection grew up hearing theory, scales, and chords. Born Nathan Hayes, his mother was a professor of music and piano teacher. He started making music at age 16. Since then, Atlantic Connection has released numerous singles, EPs, albums, and toured.

The Making of an inFAMOUS Soundtrack

Wish You Were Here: SXSW Day 7

Ballyhoo!Ballyhoo!After a drunk driver ripped through downtown Austin, killing two and injuring more than 20 on Wednesday night, South By Southwest regrouped, launched an initiative for victims and those who want to donate to help, and proceeded on a more somber note.