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A Score to Settle: Brian Tyler

Hollywood easily could have discarded Brian Tyler. One of the town’s youngest film composers, 38-year-old Tyler has composed the scores for five films that opened at No. 1 in the last two years, and a few runners-up to boot.


Where the composer leaves off, the orchestrator picks up; this person takes a piece of music and scores it for a band, choral group, or individual musician or vocalist. An orchestrator is also called up to transpose a song from one instrument or voice to another.


The role of a music arranger can get a bit blurry. There are many different avenues to pursue, and the lines between composer, orchestrator, and arranger are very thin. In the recording industry an arranger can work as a freelance artist for a band or musician to take an existing piece of music and retool it to fit the band’s style and genre.