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Blood, Guts, and Budgets: Kim Sherman

Crossbow murders and stabbings through the throat are a typical day on set for Kim Sherman. A producer whose horror credits including A Horrible Way to Die, V/H/S, and Youre Next, an indie slasher which scooped up 16 film fest awards, Sherman has produced some of the most gruesome indie films of the past few years.

Power to the People: Elisabeth Holm

For a producer, Elisabeth Holm is in an advantageous place. After spending three years as head of Kickstarter’s film team, Holm left her enviable gig of helping filmmakers find financial backing for their projects to do the same for her own.

Brand Aid: Goldie Chan

Where publishers, music promoters, and production studios once stood, brands are stepping in to take their place.

Make it Weird: Oren Brimer on Producing 'The Pete Holmes Show'

Pete Holmes isn’t afraid to freely quote his therapist, get personal about his divorce, or wax on about losing his virginity, and he encourages guests to do the same. Holmes, who originally gained a cult audience through both his stand-up and blisteringly honest podcast, currently helms TBSThe Pete Holmes Show, which carries his trademark brand of comedy rooted in sincerity.

Atlantic Connection Sets the Record Straight on Making Beats

Credit: Gil KonspiracyCredit: Gil KonspiracyDJ, producer, and musician Atlantic Connection grew up hearing theory, scales, and chords. Born Nathan Hayes, his mother was a professor of music and piano teacher. He started making music at age 16. Since then, Atlantic Connection has released numerous singles, EPs, albums, and toured.

Vance Van Petten: Establishing the Producers Mark

From keeping projects on budget to hiring the right crew, producers are charged with a broad range of responsibilities on films. When award season rolls around, that makes determining who should get credit a daunting task.

Jenni Powell: Mastering YouTube

Imitation may be the highest form of flattery. In fact, it’s what got producer Jenni Powell her first gig in online media.

Handpicked: Lindsay Wolfington

Moving into the profession of music supervision through an unpaid internship she landed thanks to networking connections from a fellow college alum, Wolfington was hired into a full-time position one week after working with supervisors Madonna Wade-Reed and Jennifer Pyken.

Full Steam Ahead: John Wirth

In the aftermath of the Civil War, one former Confederate soldier seeks to avenge his wife and son’s deaths amidst the chaos of the construction of the transcontinental railroad. That’s the world that fans of the AMC series Hell on Wheels plunge into every week. It’s also the environment that John Wirth is learning to navigate.