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Raven Software

Brian and Steve Raffel turned a compulsive Dungeons & Dragons habit into a demo game for the Amiga in 1986; armed with an enthusiastic gang of buddies and just enough self-taught know-how, the brothers built Black Crypt and eventually talked Electronic Arts into publishing it in 1992. Since then Raven Software has grown from four employees to nearly 200, and it all started with an idea: “We should make our own computer game.”

Execution of Justice

Mutants and zombies and Russians, oh my. (image courtesy Raven Software)Mutants and zombies and Russians, oh my. (image courtesy Raven Software)

Blasting aliens and monsters? No worries—fire away.

Nazis, skinheads and other nasty criminals? Well, clearly, they had it coming. Pull that trigger. Toss that grenade.

Running over civilians and prostitutes?—OK, buddy, now you’ve crossed the line.