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Sony's 'Until Dawn' Coming to PlayStation 4 in 2015

The horror game Until Dawn was slated for PlayStation 3 and Move controller, but plans have changed. Sony announced today at Gamescom the adventure horror title will arrive in 2015 for PS4. There were rumors in March that the game, still in development by Supermassive Games, might make its debut as a Project Morpheus release for Sony’s virtual reality headset. Alas, so far, that isn’t the case. 

From Supermassive Games:

GDC Day 4: Lessons Learned and New Announcements

AAA and social games have an enormous presence at GDC, but the indies are all the buzz after the winners at the Independent Games Festival were announced on Wednesday.

The Making of an inFAMOUS Soundtrack

GDC Day 2: The Real and Virtual Realities of Game Development

Shuhei Yoshida presents Project Morpheus at GDC 2014Shuhei Yoshida presents Project Morpheus at GDC 2014With the Game Developers Conference now in full swing, Sony dropped the biggest bomb of the day by announcing that it is moving into the virtual reality market. Project Morpheus is primarily designed for games, but will hopefully expand into non-gaming, non-entertainment uses, said Dr. Richard Marks, a researcher who is part of the Project Morpheus team.

Dina Hillier: Developing Network Comedies

Dina Hillier’s career started where her internship with Sony Pictures Television ended … or rather, didn’t end. After interning in the current programming department during her last semester in college, Hillier knew she wanted a job with Sony, so she refused to leave.

When my semester was over, I just kept showing up,” Hillier says. “I just kept coming in and just waited until something opened.”

Sony Music Entertainment

Sony Music Entertainment is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America, born out of an acquisition of CBS Records Group. At the close of 2010, SME counted more than 30 record labels to its roster.

Can the PSP2 Be Saved?

Illustration by Andrew SpearIllustration by Andrew Spear

For a while there, listening to Sony was beginning to sound disturbingly like listening to Brett Favre insist he’d played his last NFL game, or a government military official trying to maintain some gauzelike shreds of deniable plausibility in the face of a growing drumbeat from the hungry crowd—which, in the case of the PSP2, consists of gamers and the videogame industry.