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CBS Corporation

CBS Corporation is one of America’s largest media and entertainment companies, with divisions operating in the areas of film, television, radio, interactive media, and publishing, among others.

NEP Broadcasting

NEP was founded in 1984 by Tom Shelburne and was formerly associated with WNEP-TV in Wilkes-Barre, Penn., prior to the television station’s sale to The New York Times. For more than 20 years, NEP has been a leading international provider of outsourced remote television production services for many of the world’s largest broadcast events.

Assistant Studio Manager

The assistant studio manager works under the direction of the studio manager to ensure the efficient day-to-day operation of the facility. This person is delegated supervisory responsibility over the general staff, and is charged with overseeing the studio in the manager’s absence.

Cast Album Producer

For both the preservation of musical theater history and entertainment value, the producers of a Broadway or off-Broadway musical regularly commission the production of a cast album for new shows and popular revivals. Occasionally live performances are recorded and produced for sale as albums, but more often, the entire cast and orchestra are brought to a recording studio to lay down tracks.

Paramount Recording Studios

The Brolin family built the Paramount Recording Studios in the late 1960s, in a former Bic pen manufacturing plant. Brian Brolin, brother of actor James Brolin, first attracted attention for his early recording of classmate Ritchie Valens.

Skywalker Sound

Skywalker Sound began as a three-man operation: Sprocket Systems, led by George Lucas, Gary Kurtz, and the young Ben Burtt. In 1987, the operation moved to the new Skywalker Ranch with three Academy Awards in tow. It was announced in October 2012 that Walt Disney Company would purchase Lucasfilm for $4 billion.

Record Plant Recording Studios

When record producer Gary Kellgren left Mayfair Studios to set up his own shop, his impressive roster of clients went with him: The early success of the Record Plant is due in large part to the support of artists like Frank Zappa. Chris Stone supplied the business know-how to the new enterprise, and Revlon heiress Ancky Johnson put up the cash. By the grand opening, the studio was booked three months in advance.

Boom Operator

Boom operators assist the production sound mixer by holding and operating a microphone attached to a long pole so that it is in the ideal position to capture the dialogue of the actors and other sounds. The boom operator decides where to place radio and clip microphones during recording and also assists with other sound equipment throughout productions.

Record Producer

Within the realm of pop music, record producers have become just as illustrious as the musicians they work with. Producing a hit record can not only launch an artist from obscurity to legendary status, but catapult a producer’s career as well. Artists rely on producers’ creative expertise to craft the signature sound of an album or single; labels rely on their business savvy to ensure the record is completed on time, on budget, and with all samples cleared.

Recording Assistant

Recording assistants can work as freelancers or full-time at a studio. The recording assistant’s specific job can vary by studio and is based on the needs of the recording engineer. Typically, this person is tasked with setting up instruments and signal inputs before each recording session, and ensuring that when the recording engineer arrives, she or he can just sit down and mix.