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Warped Drive: Kevin Lyman

Credit: Chad SengstockCredit: Chad SengstockSixty cities, 129 bands, more than a half-million fans, most of them under age. Keeping them all happy is a hell of a feat, but it’s what brings Kevin Lyman to work everyday. Creating the then-grassroots festival two decades ago with the help of a few music promoter friends, Lyman’s baby has grown into a force in the punk and hard rock scene, a presence that has overflowed into fashion and charitable initiatives.

A Creator's Guide to Fighting Content Bullies

Credit: Timothy BanksCredit: Timothy BanksJonathan McIntosh was, by all Internet measures, succeeding.

Touring by the Numbers: Why Bands Should Stop Worrying and Love the Metrics

Credit: yakub88 / Shutterstock.comCredit: yakub88 / Shutterstock.comColdplay did it with iTunes. Gaga did it with Doritos. And Jay and Ye most definitely did it with Samsung. Artists who partner with mega-brands can stress less about record sales and pirated tunes as private companies foot the bill.

What Indie Films Can Learn From Games

Filmmakers are fighting for funding. Game companies are rolling in it. So perhaps it makes sense to look to games to revitalize how indie films are released. That’s what Mike Wilson is trying to do. A co-founder of Devolver, the Austin, Texas-based game distribution firm best known for its work on the Serious Sam and Hotline Miami series, Wilson is hoping his 20 years of experience in game development and distribution will crossover nicely into independent film.

Master of the Universe: TQ Jefferson

While actor Chris Evans defends the world on screen, gamers can do the same from their mobile devices. One of several Marvel games that have been released in tandem with the franchise’s films and comic books, the Captain America: The Winter Soldier game is another step in merging the company’s rich superhero-filled universe across multiple mediums, says TQ Jefferson, Marvel’s VP of Game Production.

Silent Lucidity: Josh Larson on Creating 'That Dragon, Cancer'

Josh Larson’s game isn’t supposed to be fun. It’s supposed to invoke pain, sorrow, joy, hope, and helplessness—anything but a passing feeling of amusement. Amidst the blood-curdling adventure games and cartoony mobile apps at South By Southwest, Larson’s small booth is nearly silent as players with headphones hang on every word of the game’s quiet dialogue and somber themes. Silence really is the only option here. How else can you play a game about childhood cancer?

Novel Approach: Kent Hudson

Three years ago, Kent Hudson gave a talk at the Game Developers Conference on how the industry could theoretically strengthen player-driven storylines. This week, he’s returning to San Francisco with an indie game that proves how it can be done.

That's a Wrap: SXSW Day 9

“Art for me is supposed to be dangerous. It’s supposed to be cutting edge. It’s supposed to challenge the establishment,” Grammy Award-winning performer Cee Lo Green said in a Q&A led by NPR music editor Frannie Kelley.

Wish You Were Here: SXSW Day 8

Gaga was the buzzword of the day as SXSW resumed, still reeling from a barbecue and puke-inflected performance from Lady Gaga the night before. An in-depth write-up of Gaga’s keynote is available here, but highlights of her Q&A with former MTV VJ John Norris included:

Lady Gaga Takes On Austin

Credit: SXSWCredit: SXSWJust hours after slathering herself in barbeque sauce and vomit during a live performance at Stubb’s in Austin, Mother Monster herself sat with Fuse TV’s John Norris for a Q&A on art, the music industry, and what it means to sell out.