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Day Three: ATX Television Festival

Photo by Gary MillerPhoto by Gary MillerDay Three of the ATX Television Festival was all about those who work behind the scenes in some of America’s favorite TV shows. The day kicked off with the Movies Versus TV panel that focused mainly on the differences between writing for each.

ATX TV Festival Opening Night - June 7, 2013

Alia Shawkat and Mae Whitman of "Arrested Development"Alia Shawkat and Mae Whitman of “Arrested Development”With a red carpet kickoff, a screening of a few new episodes of Arrested Development, and a Q&A with show stars Alia Shawkat and Mae Whitman, the ATX Television Festival is now officially underway. Huzzah!

Pitch Perfect

The ATX Television Festival kicks off in Austin, Texas this weekend and for those who are just itching to unleash their brilliant pilot ideas onto the world, the fest means one thing—the chance to make it big. This year, ATX is adding a pitch competition wherein those looking to break into Hollywood can present their television show ideas to a panel of judges that include Bill Lawrence,

The Scavengers: Michelle Torres

Today’s television landscape includes more commercials at shorter intervals, while the viewing public’s attention span and patience is shrinking. However, with the advent of DVR technology, brands have been forced to great lengths to capture and keep your attention. More than ever, commercials are produced as short-form films with higher production values and even A-list directors.

Designing Woman: Laura Richarz

Photo by: John P. Johnson/HBOPhoto by: John P. Johnson/HBOWhat could you buy in a shopping promenade on an alien space station? How does a 2,000-year-old vampire furnish his ultramodern mansion? How do you recreate the apartment Chris Rock grew up in on a Los Angeles soundstage?

Entourage: Emily White

Photo by: BriAnna OlsonPhoto by: BriAnna OlsonLong before Amanda Palmer became the first artist to raise more than $1 million on Kickstarter, her intern was scrambling to make sure Palmer’s then-unknown cabaret punk duo the Dresden Dolls was ready for gigs.

New Frontiers: The Making of 'Defiance'

Photo by: Joe Pugliese/SyfyPhoto by: Joe Pugliese/SyfyAs television networks struggle to keep their audiences engaged, the Syfy channel has a solution—get viewers to play along. On April 15, Syfy will premier Defiance, a TV series about life on a futuristic, alien-inhabited Earth.

Water World: Tom Boyd

Tom Boyd’s coworkers can be killers. One false move and his will tear you limb from limb.

Creature Feature: Neville Page

Neville Page’s big break into behind-the-scenes Hollywood was even less likely than those competing on his show. After getting a degree in product design, Page co-founded an industrial design company in Culver City, California that specialized in creating children’s toys, wheelchairs, and sporting goods, amongst other things. In the mid ’90s, the company received a contract to develop Men In Black: Alien Attack, a ride for Universal Studios Florida.