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Product Placement Agent

Ever wonder why James Bond drives an Aston Martin in one film, a BMW in another and an Audi in the next? The answer lies in product placement. Working for a third-party advertising agency, the product placement agent represents corporate clients in an endeavor to secure embedded marketing opportunities for a product in entertainment vehicles like films, television shows, music, video games, and live events.

Digital Kitchen

Veteran creative and Emmy Award winner Paul Matthaeus formed Digital Kitchen in 2000. The studio won an Emmy Award in 2002 for the title sequence on Six Feet Under, and again in 2006 for Dexter.

Property Master

The property master on a film or television production is responsible for all objects handled by the actors during a scene. This includes food, weapons, household items, office supplies, and intergalactic communication devices.

Titles Designer

The opening titles sequence of a film or television show is meant to set the mood for the audience and establish a tone for the presentation to follow. Depending on the budget of the production, this sequence may be very elaborate or quite simple. Distinctive titles sequences can also establish a cohesive brand among several products of the same family, as with the very similar style of all Marvel films or epics like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, or The Lord of the Rings.

Second Assistant Editor

Second assistant editors are only employed on high-budget productions that require a large post-production staff. These technicians aid the first assistant editor (also called the assistant editor) and the picture editor, and may be tasked with supervising interns or trainees in addition to tasks delegated by the assistant editor.

Second Assistant Director

The second assistant director is hired during pre-production and is an aide to the first assistant director and, by extension, the director.

First Assistant Director

The first assistant director is responsible to the director, and is chiefly concerned with facilitating a smooth workflow on set and serving the needs of the director. This person begins work during pre-production and is typically handpicked by the director. In some instances, the assistant director may also be assigned the responsibilities of the unit production manager.

Supervising Editor

Hired toward the latter part of principal photography in most cases, the supervising editor is the first point of contact between the director, producers, and the larger editing staff. He or she may give input as to the hiring of the editor and subordinate crew, and will be held accountable for the completion of the final cut.

Warner Bros. Pictures

Albert, Sam, Harry, and Jack were the brothers Warner. Four years after incorporating their film company, they released the world’s first synchronized-sound feature (talkie), The Jazz Singer, in 1927. Today the motion picture arm of Warner Bros. is one of the largest and most recognizable brands in the entertainment industry, with a catalog of more than 6,650 films.

DreamWorks Animation SKG

Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and David Geffen founded DreamWorks SKG in 1994. Seven years later, the animation division of the entertainment company became a separate, publicly traded company that has since developed properties for film, television, and live theater.