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Camera Assistant

Camera assistants are the backbone of the camera department on set. These technicians aid camera operators in setting up gear, keep the sensitive equipment in tip-top shape, and trudge over hill and over dale to lug the DP’s Panavision on location.

Best Boy Electric

Sometimes credited as the assistant chief lighting technician, the best boy (so called whether male or female) of the electric (lighting) department is the second in command under the gaffer. This role is not to be confused with the best boy grip, under the key grip. 

Magical Elves

Producers Dan Cutforth and Jane Lipsitz joined forces as Magical Elves in 2001 to produce Bands on the Run for VH1, and in 2003 the Los Angeles-based duo took over season two of Project Greenlight for HBO

Unit Production Manager

The role of a unit production manager is similar to that of a line producer, in that the UPM is hired by the producer during preproduction to oversee the budget and scheduling of a film or television show through the end of principal photography.

Bunim/Murray Productions

Producers Jonathan Murray and Mary-Ellis Bunim formed Bunim/Murray Productions in 1987. The credit (or blame) for “inventing reality TV” is often laid at their door, and it’s true that Bunim/Murray is a pioneer and still an innovator in the reality genre. In recent years, a feature film unit (BMP Films) and a music management arm (M-Music) have been added to the original mission.