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Set Lighting Technician

Lighting technician is a job with many different titles, but it’s one of the most vital to film production. Set lighting technicians (also known as electricians, lamp operators, or juicers) do more on set than flip a switch. Instead, they operate the hundreds of lights and run the miles of cable necessary to set the look of a scene and illuminate the action.

Dolly Grip

The dolly grip is not the designated Barbie wrangler, but a specialist member of the grip department. 

Media Buyer

A skilled media buyer has eerie insight into your psyche; this person knows that if you are watching Mega Piranha at 2 a.m. you may also be interested in attending Star Wars: In Concert or playing Halo Reach. Before Facebook was tracking your web usage to suggest that you become a fan of Dove chocolates and romantic walks on the beach, these mind-readers had your likes and dislikes pegged.

Blue Sky Studios

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Blue Sky began as an advertising and special effects shop, but evolved into a feature animation studio, which received its first major break with an Academy Award for the animated short Bunny. Other credits include work on Fight Club, Star Trek: Insurrection, Alien Resurrection, and Joe’s Apartment for MTV.


On August 1, 1981, television launched the music video star. Rather than being the death of radio, MTV defined a pop culture generation and has continued to be a trend leader for three decades. The television enterprise invented the VJ, premiered arguably the first reality TV show, and challenged young people to become more politically active through the Rock the Vote campaign.

Public Relations Assistant

Publicists are the spin doctors that keep Hollywood in the headlines. Whether representing a new film, an A-list actor, or a start-up game studio, these opinion-makers are charged with stirring up attention and turning any press into good press.

Band Coordinator

Those with a passion for music who also dream of working in television need not worry; there’s a career for that. Late night and variety television shows like Saturday Night Live or Late Show With David Letterman employ house bands as integral components; to manage the musicians, a uniquely skilled individual with specific education is needed to act as the go-between.

What Are You, New?

So you show up for your very first day of work on set, and you tell the best boy electric, who isn’t any kind of boy you’ve ever seen, that you’re an electrician coming to work.

He says:


Grips are the “make it work” people. They are trained in the art of pulling solutions out of thin air. The grip department, as its namesake indicates, is the keeper of the bag of tricks, and good grips have a gadget or gizmo for every potential need—or they can bend, twist, or cut something to work. Primarily the grip department is concerned with cutting light (the saying goes that electricians make the light and grips make the shadows) and facilitating camera movement.

Costume Designer

You can tell a lot about a character on the screen before a word of dialogue is uttered—if the costume designer has done a good job. Costumes reflect the character’s personality, culture, lifestyle, and environment; more than just dressing the actor, costumes aid the story and the performer’s immersion into the role. It is up to the costume designer to occupy the character’s psyche and reflect it in the actor’s wardrobe.