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Television Director

For the director, television is a very different beast. In film production, he or she is the ultimate creative voice on set, but on the small screen, the director has a far more limited role and is constrained by the show’s format. Multi-camera shoots, live productions, and sitcoms each present unique challenges unlike that of a movie.

Key Costumer

The key costumer is responsible for supervising the on-set activities of the wardrobe department, including managing personnel and maintaining the costume designer’s artistic vision.


Obsession is a good beginning. Composers must be infatuated with every note: the pitch, the subtle undulations, the magnificent crescendos. These artists do not write songs, they craft aural experiences that persuade emotion. When combined with images on the screen, the composer’s efforts trigger audience responses of fear, sorrow, elation, and pride.


The music publishing arm of Warner Music Group traces its roots to the formation of Chappell & Company in 1811. Warner/Chappell holds the rights to compositions from Stephen Sondheim, Timbaland, the Gershwins and Eric Clapton, to name a few. The company also administers music and soundtracks for third-party enterprises like Lucasfilms, Ltd., Hallmark Entertainment, and Disney Music Publishing.

Staff Writer

For television writers, the first step is an entry-level gig as a staff writer. This is a less glorious title than it appears, and does not receive a credit, but it is the probationary proving ground that trains emerging storytellers in the art of creating episodic television. Under the Writers Guild of America minimum basic agreement, staff writers are paid a weekly salary and contracted for a designated period during the life of a series.

Location Scout

Making a film is a lot like selling real estate: Location is everything! A “location” in the film industry is any place filming will be done that is not a studio or a set. For films, television shows, and commercials, finding the perfect location is largely the responsibility of the location scout, who uses investigative research, travel, and photography to document potential locations that are perfect for filming.

Personal Assistant

High-profile celebrities and media moguls have people to see and places to go. They don’t pick up their own dry cleaning; that’s where the personal assistant comes in. These champions of indentured servitude gladly perform menial tasks for the reward of jet-setting with the star to Paris, or rubbing elbows backstage at the Grammys.

Assistant Editor

An editor should be able to walk in, sit down at the Avid and start cutting, not have to load stock and toil over the tedious task of compiling footage for multi-camera shots; the assistant editors manage the day-to-day details to streamline the post-production process and maximize productivity.


Napoleon once said that an army marches on its stomach; as anyone in the film industry knows, this is also true for the hundreds of people it takes to make a movie. Caterers are not just useful for providing massive quantities of delicious food at corporate events and weddings, but are also pivotal to the movie-making process, feeding everyone on the film set from the actors to the grips and all in between.

Boom Operator

Boom operators assist the production sound mixer by holding and operating a microphone attached to a long pole so that it is in the ideal position to capture the dialogue of the actors and other sounds. The boom operator decides where to place radio and clip microphones during recording and also assists with other sound equipment throughout productions.