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Digital Content Editor

A robust, engaging web presence is crucial for any entertainment brand; that includes the production and publication of original written content, as well as video, podcasts, and interactive media. It is the digital content editor’s role to maintain quality and consistency across media types and web platforms, with special attention given to driving increased traffic and brand visibility.

Community Manager

The primary role of the community manager for a brand or company’s website is to cultivate a thriving, active membership through positive interaction. He or she engages visitors to the website and forums, creating excitement around the products and encouraging lively conversation between members. This person is also the online authority on the brand and moderates the community with attention to the vibe and personality of the company he or she represents.

Online Game Designer

Online game designers are hired to lead a team of artists, programmers, and other designers in the development of online and social games, but also serve as the project leader on the continuing improvement and management of existing titles.


Like Napster, Facebook, and so many other upstarts of the digital world, Grooveshark was the brainchild of college students. Sam Tarantino and Josh Greenberg initially launched Grooveshark as a paid service, but the music-streaming site is now free to users and supported by advertising and VIP subscriptions.

Web Developer

In the entertainment industry, nothing hits the consumer market without a web presence to back it up. Branded websites help to drum up interest before the product’s debut, create a loyal online community, and ultimately drive increased sales. Web development is an in-demand career field, and skilled web developers have endless opportunities to work across any segment of the entertainment business.

New Media Manager

For the new media manager, multitasking is a way of life. Entertainment companies are eager to find the most innovative and profitable ways to turn a buck from the new media model. To do this, the industry relies on creative internet marketing gurus with the ability to create social networks around their brands.


Co-founders Peter Gotcher and Shamal Ranasinghe combined their music business savvy and corporate experience to offer indie artists the tools to drive their own success.