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Script Reader

In entertainment production, a script reader is the gatekeeper between the scriptwriter and the development executive with the power to greenlight scripts. This person keeps the crap off the boss’s desk and puts forward only the material with real promise.


Every bit of website content, poster language, and billboard signage begins as a blank space on a copywriter’s screen. These wordsmiths write the ads and marketing assets that compel audiences to see a movie, buy a game, or pick up an artist’s latest album.


Every film, whether blockbuster hit or shoestring indie, begins with a screenplay. It is said that there have only ever been seven plots (boy meets girl, etc.), and everything else is derivative—you’re always just rewriting Shakespeare. That being said, it remains the screenwriter’s challenge to create a story that becomes the blueprint for a fresh, entertaining escape into 120 minutes of fantasy, horror, romance, or adventure.