Aderra Media Technologies

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Founded: 2007


Ed Donnelly, musician and founder of Eggfoot Records, started Aderra Media Technologies in 2007. Through the company’s patented technology, concertgoers get the instant gratification of taking home a live recording of the concert on USB or MicroSD. 

Notable Products

  • Live in a Flash!™ USB Technology
  • All you need is Live.℠ Event Recording Services
  • Back to the Present™ Video Capture Technology
  • PushOvr™ Content Delivery


What to Expect

The heart of Aderra’s operation is the audio engineers, tour managers, and camera operators on the road; they are embedded with the concert tour crew to capture live audio and video of each show, exclusive interviews with the band members, and all the bonus behind-the-scenes footage that fans covet. These guys and gals don’t white-glove it; load-in starts at 1 p.m., sound check at 3, show at 8. Load-out begins around 1 a.m., and the crew is usually back on the bus around 3 in the morning—sleep, eat, and repeat. While in transit, they report back to office with sales reports, schedule deliveries, and consult on troubleshooting issues. In the early days the Aderra team would drive an RV, chasing down the tour from city to city. Today the company makes arrangements with most clients for travel accommodations with the band’s roadies—getting closer access and shortening the already-long days.

Those interested in a job with Aderra should have a sense of humor and be able to think fast on their feet. The company still considers itself a tech start-up; still learning as it grows, relying on skilled and talented people to grow the brand one satisfied client (and fan) at a time. You’ve got to be prepared to take some bumps and bruises on the road, be flexible enough to adapt as the conditions and company evolve, and always keep a positive attitude. Audio engineers must be proficient on Pro Tools and be able to quickly assess the venue conditions to adjust preamps and microphones to deliver the best possible sound—there are no do-overs with this gig. Everything from EQ to creating file names for each track is done on the fly. Camera operators work both on the road and in the studio taping live artist performances. Experience with digital cameras and non-linear editing, as well as analog systems, is vital. Prospective employees must be computer-literate and capable of maintaining a high level of professionalism.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Aderra has satellite offices in Nashville and New York. The European HQ is located in London, with additional offices in Paris and Luxembourg. The company employs about 30 full-time positions, including sales and marketing, computer programmers, web specialists, graphic designers, merchandise managers, and administrative staff. The Los Angeles office has a fully stocked kitchen, laundry facilities, and a Jacuzzi on the roof—we have been assured this is not a myth to prank the rookies.


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