Blue Sky Studios

Location: Greenwich, CT

Founded: 1987


Blue Sky began as an advertising and special effects shop, but evolved into a feature animation studio, which received its first major break with an Academy Award for the animated short Bunny. Other credits include work on Fight Club, Star Trek: Insurrection, Alien Resurrection, and Joe’s Apartment for MTV.

Notable Products

  • Ice Age films
  • Robots
  • Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who
  • CGI Studio proprietary rendering software


What to Expect

The crew at Blue Sky Studios is eclectic, to say the least. They happily boast a member of Russian royalty (so that’s where Princess Anastasia has been hiding), a NASA engineer, a former actress on General Hospital, and someone who once shared a meal with the Lone Ranger. There are certainly computer animation majors running around the office, but also architects, mathematicians, musicians, and philosophers. A specific college degree is less important to your employment at this studio than your skills and specific training. Animators are encouraged to learn Maya, Softimage, 3D Studio or similar software. A technical director must be proficient with Houdini, Renderman/Mental Ray, and Real Flow. An education in fine art, computer animation, and computer science are recommended as preparation for a career on this staff. The company also suggests provides a list of schools they recommend you consider.

Artists, animators, and technical designers are the heart of Blue Sky’s productions, but positions also exist for IT professionals and in marketing, advertising, and new media. Internships are available to college students and recent graduates; applicants will be given a skills test relevant to their area of interest. Once inside the fun-loving confines of the studio, you will find the standard cubicle setup, but certain additions quickly remind you that this is where the next generation of cartoons is made. Action figures, plush animals, and toys of all sorts adorn workspaces—some for inspiration, some for distraction. During production, the staff does put in late nights and weekends, but the company offsets work with play by sponsoring yoga sessions and drawing sessions. Friday night bowling outings are a beloved ritual.


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