Elias Arts

Location: New York, NY

Founded: 1980

Website: http://eliasarts.com/


Jonathan Elias, a composer and record producer, founded Elias Associates in 1980. The music and advertising firm later became Elias Arts, responsible for the MTV “Moon Landing” theme, the Columbia Pictures theme, and the unmistakable Yahoo! yodel.

Notable Products

  • Branding
  • Film and TV scoring
  • Music licensing
  • Sound design
  • Music supervision
  • Audio production


What to Expect

Elias Arts and its founder began working in film, composing original music for movie trailers. Since that time, the company has expanded its reach to include composing music beds for commercials and themes for television shows, among other services. Clients have included Pepsi, Nike, Sprint, Intel, and Visa. Elias composed the background score for the trailer of Ridley Scott’s Alien and contributed to A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, and Chaplin.

It’s like being on Top Chef every single day’

Our interview with Elias Arts composer Kenny Segal covers pressure, sound-alikes, and that infamous K-Fed commercial

Elias Arts is a bi-coastal company with studios in New York and Santa Monica. Operations are broken into distinct divisions on both coasts, including production, audio identity, music supervision, and management. An internship is a standard foot in the door at Elias for entry-level candidates; interns are unpaid but receive college credit. Elias Arts interns are expected be flexible and willing to learn, as they will participate in a number of different tasks: Responsibilities may include cataloging and identifying recording session tapes, entering metadata, assisting in production and engineering, preparing sessions for composers, and the usual typical office duties. Candidates with a recording arts or music major are preferred. Elias is a Mac shop, therefore Apple software skills are a must, as is knowledge of Digital Performer and Pro Tools.

Midlevel and senior creative roles are harder to come by; intense competition ensures limited vacancies. Positions include music supervisor, producer, production coordinator, audio branding manager, and studio engineer. Composer gigs are the hardest to land; it’s only a slight exaggeration to say that someone has to retire or keel over for a new spot to open up. Those seeking advanced roles should have a college degree or equivalent professional experience in their area of expertise. A formal degree in music composition or recording arts is highly recommended. Even if you are not interested in a job as an engineer, some knowledge of recording and mixing consoles is beneficial. Additional employment opportunities are available in sales, marketing, advertising, and business affairs, in which case a marketing or business degree is suggested.

Elias Arts Film Reel 2010 from Elias Arts, LLC on Vimeo.


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