EMI Group Ltd.

Location: London, UK

Founded: 1931

Website: http://www.emimusic.com/

EMI Group is one of the world’s largest music companies, controlling record labels on five continents. EMI Group also owns and operates Abbey Road recording studio in London and Capitol Studios in Los Angeles.

Notable Products

  • EMI Records
  • Blue Note Label Group
  • Capitol Music Group
  • Caroline Distribution
  • EMI Christian Music Group
  • Virgin Music Group

What to Expect

Established in 1931, EMI traces its roots to Emile Berliner, the inventor of the gramophone and The Gramophone Company formed in 1897. Today the company is headquartered in London, with offices around the world, including EMI North America operations in Los Angeles, New York, New Jersey, and other U.S. locations.

Within EMI’s vast collection of record labels are well-known companies such as Capitol Records, Virgin Records, and EMI Records. More than 70 labels operate around the world, throughout Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, and North America. Artists signed under the EMI Group roster include Coldplay, Beastie Boys, Gorillaz, Norah Jones, Katy Perry, Pink Floyd, Snoop Dogg, and 30 Seconds to Mars. To the company’s credit, EMI has been on the cutting edge of many innovations that have drastically changed the shape of the music industry. The company streamed the first complete album over the Internet (Mezzanine by Massive Attack) in 1998, then released the first digital album download (David Bowie’s Hours) the following year.

Applicants interested in applying for positions with one of EMI’s many divisions will rarely find vacancies advertised on the company’s websites. Instead, candidates should search through popular online job posting sites and trade publications. The organization actively recruits qualified candidates for opportunities with EMI North America from local offices throughout the United States. EMI Group employs hundreds of individuals within the Unites States and internationally in areas such as A&R, finance, marketing, advertising, licensing, publicity, and others. Preference is given to applicants with at least a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, coupled with experience in the music industry. The interview process will vary widely depending on the specific division, but selected applicants can expect a telephone interview, which may progress to an in-person panel interview.

Certainly there are perks to working for an organization like EMI Group: free concert tickets, exposure to a wide range of artists and music professionals, valuable experience from an industry leader. However, those looking to quickly rise up the in-house ranks may feel stifled. As the music business endures the growing pains of a technological revolution, companies and record labels are bracing themselves for a difficult road ahead. Budgets are shrinking, as are workforces. In some departments, employees may find there is little room for advancement. However, a history with a company as broad and recognizable as EMI can open doors for the future.


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