Location: Bristol, CT

Founded: 1979


More than 30 years ago, Bill Rasmussen had the notion to create a television network dedicated to broadcasting sports programming around the clock. Radical and risky at the time, ESPN launched on September 7, 1979 and has become the market leader in televised sports.

Notable Products

  • ESPN television networks
  • ESPN Radio
  • ESPN Magazine
  • ESPN Interactive
  • Event management
  • ESPN Films

What to Expect

Entertainment Sports Programming Network, ESPN, is headquartered in Bristol, Conn., and majority-owned by ABC, a subsidiary of Walt Disney Company. The ESPN Plaza is a 900,000-square-foot campus comprised of 17 buildings on 116 acres. An additional 400,000 square feet of office space is located nearby. Worldwide, ESPN employs approximately 6,500 people, nearly 4,000 of whom are located in the United States. The company operates 15 facilities in the U.S., with 12 additional offices in South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

The enterprise that built up its place in the market on sports programming has grown to encompass more than 50 business entities, including eight domestic cable networks and 47 international networks. Other divisions travel the spectrum from online multimedia and mobile products to radio and publishing. Four branded restaurants are located in California and Florida, including two within the Walt Disney World property. The Wide World of Sports is an expansive sports complex in Orlando, Fla., that hosts more than 300 events annually. The ESPYs, which launched in 1993, was the first step in expanding the ESPN brand to include event management, supporting the X Games, Winter X Games, and International X Games. 

As a diverse sports entertainment company, ESPN offers numerous career opportunities within the company‚Äôs core areas: multimedia, technology, corporate, finance, sales, and marketing. Within each core area are numerous subdivisions that include production, telecommunications, programming, and digital media. To explore the wide array of career opportunities and to learn more about specific requirements, interested candidates can visit the official career website. ESPN employees enjoy an extensive benefits package, including those offered by the Walt Disney Company.

Paid internships are available during the fall, spring, and summer semesters in Bristol and New York. Limited internships are offered at other locations, including Los Angeles. Interns participate in a 10-week program, working 40 hours per week, including nights and weekends. For students living more than 50 miles from the internship location, housing subsidies may be available. Summer internships will provide greater variety in the selection of departments and locations. Applicants must be enrolled in a college program within 12 months of graduation to be eligible.


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